Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Goodwill and patience

In just a few short days Christmas will be upon us.

This should be a time of goodwill and happiness, but as we rush around, getting stressed by all of our preparations, it is easy to forget this.

We fight crowds and deadlines in a last scramble to be ready for the big day.

We can easily get grumpy and bad tempered and take this out on other people, who do not deserve or need to be treated badly.

That person that is walking slowly in front of you when you are in a hurry - they may be in pain.

That person who is asking to go in front of you in the supermarket - they may need to rush home to a poorly relative.

Before snapping and reacting angrily, take a second to think. Find that inner goodwill and patience.

Help your fellow man instead of getting angry with them.

Your act of goodwill and kindness could be their light in an otherwise dark time.

Be a beacon of light - think of the needs of others, be kind.

Practice goodwill and patience and most of all, have a very happy Christmas.

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