Sunday, 20 December 2015

Love and light

Cara shut the door behind her, hung up her coat and flopped onto the sofa.

Ah, what a day! Everyone had been running around like headless chickens, trying to get the work out before the holidays hit.

She was exhausted, stressed and had the headache from hell.

Tonight she had the house to herself. Everyone else was out at Christmas parties. What should she do?

I know, she thought, I'll pay a visit to my favourite place!

She kicked off her shoes and made herself comfortable. Her eyes closed, her breathing slowed. A delicious feeling of calm filled every fibre of her being.

She opened her mind, reaching out into the abyss of the universe and waited.

Soon she felt it – the overwhelming love. It filled her mind, her body. She smiled.

And then the world around her winked out of existence. She was free!

She floated, a disembodied consciousness in the vastness of the universe. She knew everything, saw everything, understood everything.

The others gathered around her, the light, the love, the knowledge. The spark within every living being that had ever existed throughout time.

They came, shared, surrounding her with light and love. This was her favourite place. A place that she knew that she would return to when her mortal body died.

She wanted to stay, never to go back to the world of pain, normality, limitation.

But she had to, she had work to do on the Earth, good work, she had a message of love and hope to share.

Reluctantly, she returned to her body, feeling the heaviness and confines of it.

She stretched and smiled, and walked to the kitchen to make a drink.

Yeah, death wouldn't be so bad. Instead of brief visits, she would have the whole of eternity in her favourite place.

She sat down and sipped her tea, happy and relaxed.

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