Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The mammogram bruise

The letter arrives,
And I realise it's true,
My three yearly test,
Has come round, it's due.

It's an important test,
For us ladies to do,
To look out for our health,
Before problems accrue.

I arrive on the day,
I'm early, I say,
Don't worry my dear,
You'll soon be away.

I enter a room,
Bare my top and then sit,
The time will soon pass,
It'll be my turn in a bit.

I go in to start,
Get twisted this way and that,
Boobie on there,
Now squish it quite flat!

The test isn't so bad,
Just a little tight squeeze,
A picture is taken,
My mind it will ease.

So why, you are thinking,
Have I mentioned a bruise?
Have I made a slight typo,
Really meant to say blues?

No dear reader,
An apt word I did choose,
Cos under my arm,
Is a mammogram bruise!

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