Thursday, 5 March 2015

Be at peace with yourself

Our lives are busy, our lives are full of problems, frustrations and challenge.

These things can prey on our mind, make us anxious, make us feel on edge.

But we can let go of the negative feelings associated with these things.

That doesn't mean that we let go of the problems and past events that have troubled us, but that we become at peace with them, cease to let them rule us.

We should aim to see them from a different perspective, as an outsider if you like.

This way we become less encumbered by negative emotions, we release ourselves and become at peace within our own mind, we free ourselves from that inner turmoil.

In this was we can become more efficient problem solvers, we stop fighting against ourselves.

We will still care, will still love, but we will be in a better position in which to give our best.

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