Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Today in the UK it is Mothers Day.

It's a day to celebrate our Mothers and all of the wonderful times that we have spent together over the years.

Today, and everyday, we should treasure our Mothers, remembering the memories that we have forged and  the good times that we have had together.

Mothers are wonderful.  They selflessly care and protect us, even if that means missing out so that we can have what we need.

They are there for us when we are ill, making us our favourite food to temp our tastebuds.

They are there when we achieve, sharing our joy.

They listen when we need to talk, quietly giving advice, guidance and comfort.

So take the time today to remember your Mother, visit, talk take a small gift.

If your Mother has passed away, take the time to cherish the memories that you built during your time together.

And if you are a Mother yourself, I hope that your children treat you in the manner that you deserve.

Happy Mothers Day.

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