When I was little, my best friends were the other children in my class at school. We would meet up at each others house to play, chat and eat.

We vowed that we would be best friends for ever, and nothing would ever pull us apart.

But as we got older, took up different interests and went to different schools, our friendships inevitably faded and died.

When I took my first job, I made new best friends, but again, as we found new jobs, we grew apart, lost contact.

When my children were born, I made best friends with other Mums, but as our children grew up, our friendships grew apart.

But now, most of my best friends are people that I have never met. They are cyber best friends that I have met through social networking and forums.

Some I have gone on to meet, but many I have not. But does that make them any less of a best friend?

We still discuss our lives, hopes and wishes, we are still there for one another when something goes wrong.

So yes, I would count my online friends as true best friends. Do you?