Thursday, 19 March 2015

The betrayal, the end!

She sat on the edge of the bridge, looking down into the swirling water. She didn't understand how this had happened.

She thought back. She had worked so hard, so tirelessly, spurred on by promises, which had evaporated like morning mist.

But here she sat, with nothing! Why did this happen? Why now? She had had such hopes, such dreams.

How could another person be so callous? How could they promise the world and then steal it away from her.

She could see no way out, no life. Everything was gone. She had given her all, there was nothing left.

She jumped!

Down, down she fell, into the dark, cold water. It's icy fingers hit her, like a million sharp needles penetrating her flesh. It closed over her head.

Her lungs took an involuntary breath, rebelling against the sudden cold.

She panicked as her mouth and lungs filled with water, her arms and legs flailing.

Then calmness fell upon her, she fell slowly, slowly downwards into the depths.

The world grew dim, winked out. She was free!


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