Friday, 20 March 2015

Total Solar Eclipse

Back on 11th September 1999 I was lucky enough to see a total solar eclipse, which was something that was on my 'Must see' list.

We arranged to go on holiday that week to Cornwall, so that we would get the best view.

It was both the most beautiful and the most eerie thing that I have ever experienced.

We watched through special glasses as the eclipse began. Slowly, slowly, more of the sun was covered, but we were surprised that it didn't really seem to be getting much darker.

And then, the sun winked out of existence and the world blinked into darkness, as though somebody had flipped a light switch.

As darkness fell, the birds took off and flew to their roosting places, thinking that night had fallen prematurely.

The world became silent!

The sudden drop in temperature called forth strange winds which weren't there a minute before.

We watched in awe as the sun's corona flickered and shone like a circle of diamonds in the sky.

Then without warning, a slither of sun reappeared and the light came back to the world.

The birds began to sing again and light and heat came back.

It's an experience that will stay with me for ever.

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