Thursday, 28 May 2015

A cat's stare

The old woman placed the flowers on her husband's grave and gave a smile. He always did like primroses, said they reminded him of Spring and new life.

She eased her aching back straight and sat down on a nearby bench for a rest.

She heard a noise, a rustling nearby and sensed that she was being watched.

She turned. There sitting beside her was a glossy black cat with piercing green eyes.

She smiled. 'How are you today? It's warm isn't it.'

The cat stared at her. She said 'I've just come to visit Arthur, my husband, he was a lovely, kind man.'

The cat purred and settled down comfortably. The old woman kept talking, telling the cat about her life with Arthur, all of the things that they had got up to during their long marriage.

Eventually, she sighed, and said to the cat 'This won't do, I've things to do. I must get on.'

She stood to go, turned to the cat and said 'Do you know, my Arthur always said that if he could come back, it would be as a black cat.' She giggled to herself and walked away.

The cat watched her go, a look of love and understanding behind it's green eyes.

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