Sunday, 24 May 2015

Soaring Starlings

Mum and Dad Starling,
Found a garden one day,
With feeders and trees,
In which they could play.

The days became warmer,
Spring did arrive,
The flowers sprang up,
The world came alive.

The Starlings did nest,
Laid eggs, raised a brood,
And very soon,
They all wanted food!

Parents took them all,
To the garden they'd found.
There was food in the trees,
And also the ground.

They soared and they squabbled,
Were there six?,
or perhaps eight?

They ate and they ate,
from dawn until late!

Fat balls and grain,
They liked in the main,
Squawking and flapping,
Again and again!

But soon they will fly,
Making their way,
Flying high up,
In the blue sky.

To join the large flock,
To soar and to fly,
Making patterns and waves,
As they paint in the sky.