Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Hokey Cokey shower

We live in an old house which shares the mains water supply with our neighbour. The water comes down from the top of the hill, reaching our neighbour first and then us.

Most of the time, this is no problem, but if we are using the electric shower and they run water in their house, it reduces the water pressure in ours and makes the water run too hot.

So if we have a shower and next door is using their water, we now have the saying 'It was a Hokey Cokey shower' As in, you put your right arm in (water is too hot) You pull your right hand out.

Hokey Cokey showers always seem to start just as you have either lathered up your hair or soaped up your face.

You then have to do the Hokey Cokey with your eyes shut which is never easy.

Have you ever had a Hokey Cokey shower?

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