Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How are we not bald?

This morning, I was hoovering through the house, and the brushes on the head weren't rotating and the suction was poor. 

So I turned the machine upside down to see what the problem was.

And, as usual, it was because the brushes were clogged with hair!

So I had to take off the head and cut away all of the hair and then all was well again.

It makes me wonder how we are not all bald.

Every few days I empty out the hoover bin and its full of hair.

If I pull out furniture, there are clumps of hair in drifts against the wall.

And then there are the drains in the bathroom! They regularly clog up with hair and need to be cleaned out - not my favourite job, I must admit.

But we all have full heads of hair. It's just amazing how much hair is shed and how it mounts up.

Oh well, onwards and upwards. I can see more hair lurking over there, under the table.

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