Sunday, 10 May 2015

Compensation culture

I've just watched a television programe and in almost every ad break there was an advertisement for accident compensation.

It made me wonder at the way in which our world is going. There always has to be someone to blame.

I can remember falling off of a swing in a public playground onto concrete as a child and hurting myself.

When I arrived home, my Mum said 'accidents happen', cleaned me up and sent me on my way.

If that happened now, the local council could find themselves with an expensive court case.

This compensation culture has led to schools banning things that children once enjoyed. Simple pleasures such as leapfrog, conkers and even handstands and cartwheels, for fear of being held financially accountable if there is an accident.

Where will this end? Will every bump and scrape warrant accident compensation?

Will we not allowed to 'live' because it is too dangerous?

There are some accidents that do require compensation, life changing, awful things do happen, and it is only right that people have financial help in order to live as normally as possible.

But is it right to seek compensation for a minor accident that causes only temporary discomfort and which is nobody's fault?

Or is this compensation culture more about getting as much money as possible rather than our well being?

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