Friday, 1 May 2015

Silly Bee!

You buzz and fret,
You silly bee!
You should be outside
And flying free.

You beat your wings
With fear and fright,
Flying towards
The bright, bright light.

I open move the curtain,
The window to open
So you'll fly out,
Will here is hoping!

But woe, the window's locked
I've lost the key,
I just want you out,
You silly bee!

I hunt the house,
Up and down,
Upon my face,
A great big frown!

Ah, yes, there it is,
I can now calm down,
I've got myself in such a tizz!

I open the window,
And nudge you, slow.
You buzz all angry,
But down you go.

You feel the breeze,
And off you flee,
Finally you are gone
Away and free! 

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