Friday, 22 May 2015

Treasure the truth

Sometimes, what we want to hear and what we get told are two different things.

Friends and family do not want to upset you, so they tell you what you want, rather than what you need to hear.

But there are those friends who will tell you the truth, and sometimes it makes you angry or upset because you think that they are saying it to spite you.

But are they really? Or are they one of the few good friends who are telling it like it is because you need to hear the truth, so that you know how things truly are rather than how you hope that they are.

The problem is, often it is the true friend that then gets hurt, because they've done exactly what you've asked - told the truth.

Before you shoot down your friend, take a step back and analyze what they have said. If it is the truth, said to help you, then treasure this friend, for they really are few and far between.

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