Monday, 22 June 2015

But still I feel lonely

It's a brand new day. I sit in my chair, Watching the children on their way to school. They look at me brightly, waving and smiling. I wave and smile back.

But still I feel lonely.

The carer comes, brings me tea and biscuits. She sits on my bed. We chat, about what life was like when I was a child. So, so many years ago, it's like another life. She goes about her work.

But still I feel lonely.

It's visiting time. My family come, grandchildren running and laughing. They jump on my bed, give me kisses and hugs. Soon it's time for them to go.

But still I feel lonely.

The nurse comes. Take up a hobby she says, maybe knitting. But my eyes are tired and my fingers are stiff. She stops and she talks, about hobbies she has. Then off she goes.

But still I feel lonely.

Next week I'll be ninety, a good age, so everyone says. But sat in this home, with nothing to do, What's the point in living so long? I sit and I think about the wonderous life I have led. I look out of my window, see the sun set.

But still I feel lonely!

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