Monday, 22 June 2015

Prolific Academic review

I came across Prolific Academic last year. It is a site where you can earn money for completing studies.

In it's own words, Prolific Academic is a website where you can 'Earn rewards while helping to advance human knowledge.'

Studies are posted by university academics to help them with their course work.

These studies are quite different from the usual survey offerings.

They are always varied and interesting and often give your brain a real work out.

They are also better paid than the usual run of the mill surveys. Most studies pay a minimum of £5 per hour, some pay more.

The studies vary in time from just a few minutes, up to longer ones that may take an hour or more.

Payment is via Paypal at £5. They do charge a small fee for payments, although if you wait until your account reaches £20 before cashing out, this can be avoided.

I have been paid numerous times with no problems so far.

The studies do keep you on your toes. Many contain quality control checks, to ensure that you are paying attention and not simply clicking through randomly.

As these studies are for academics, I don't mind this, because it ensures that the data that they receive is of a good quality and can be used for their coursework.

Overall, Prolific Academic is one of my favourite sites. They pay well, the studies are always interesting and I also get the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped somebody with their studies.

If you would like to join the Prolific Academic family, please click here:

Prolific Academic

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