Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The climb

Her breath came in ragged gasps, her chest burned with each breath. But she could not stop, she had to keep climbing.

How she longed to stop, to rest. To take a long draught of cool water to ease her parched throat.

The loose shale moved and shifted beneath her feet, causing her to stumble and fall. The pointed shards grazed her hands, making her cry out with pain.

On she climbed, the top growing ever nearer. A few minutes later, she reached her goal – the summit.

She stopped! She turned and looked back. They were right, the view from here was fantastic.

She pulled her camera from her backpack and started to take photos, smiling with joy.

She looked at her watch! Time to start back.

Why, oh why didn't she catch the earlier cable car up the mountain. Then she wouldn't have had to run the last 100 metres to the summit before the light failed.

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