Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Dentist!

No, I must face my fear,
Sit in the chair!
To cancel now,
Would not be quite fair!

So down I sit,
Oh, what a fright!
That light above
It is far, far too bright!

A pair of glasses I do don,
To dim the glow,
So we can get on!

My teeth are sound,
But the dentist has found
Some scale and grot!
She says,
Healthy it's not!

So out comes the cleaner,
Boy it is loud!
And the water is cold!
If I may be so bold!

But now it's all done,
My teeth are more white,
And just for a while.
I have a dazzling smile.

I rise and I go.
relieved that it's done!
Going to the dentist,
Isn't much fun!

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