Sunday, 14 June 2015

Filling surveys!


I turn on my laptop,
And smile with such glee!
Lots and lots of surveys,
Are waiting there for me.

I start with a gusto,
Some money for to make,
I'm going to enjoy this.
But that was a mistake!

Half an hour has passed,
This is becoming quite a bore.
My fingers they are aching,
My head's become so sore!

Yet another pops in,
Do you clean your oven?
Not if I can help it!
Just call me a sloven!

I've nearly finished this one
93% there!
The screen flashes SCREENOUT!
Oh surely, that's not fair?

On I do type,
Thinking of money!
Will I make lots?
Oh that is so funny.

Because filling in surveys,
A millionaire won't make,
But they just might pay,
For a nice slice of cake!

So I sit and I type,
Until I get bored,
A few pounds today,
I have just scored!

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