Thursday, 4 June 2015


The sweat trickles down into my eyes, stinging and burning. The sun is just so hot! I push on, striving, struggling.

My body aches, my legs feel like lead. But I must go on, I cannot afford to stop! People are relying on me. I must keep going.

I have a headache from the heat radiating down upon me. My throat feels so dry. I need a long, cool drink to soothe my parched mouth.

I imagine stepping into a cool stream, feeling the water refreshing and revitalizing me. Ah, that would feel so good.

My feet are burning. Bare feet on hot sand! The sun ripples off of the white sand, looking like water. Oh, how I wish it was real but it is just a cruel illusion.

I can see my destination now. Just one last push and it will be all over.

I reach the end. I flop down, my body craving release.

Immediately I am beset. They pull at my arms, my body, wanting, wanting.

I give the children their ice creams, they retire to the cool darkness of the beach tent, happy smiles on their faces as they devour their treats.

I sit and smile, enjoying my own lolly.

Oh, I so love summer holidays at the beach

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