Friday, 19 June 2015

I need a new laptop!

I need a new laptop!
No word of a lie.
For I think that this one,
Will very soon die!

All through the day,
It crashed and it froze!
No longer a young un,
It adds to my woes!

Ten years old?
Said the man in the store.
It's past it's best date
You need something more.

Line upon line.
I look and I stare,
At many laptops,
On the shelf over there!

So young and so clean,
Fast and pristine!

Oh, such a cost!
But without a new toy,
I'd surely be lost!

Windows 8,
That's what they're selling,
They say it's quite good,
But on the price I'm still dwelling!

I look and I puzzle!
All tiles and blocks,
My old, addled brain,
This system it mocks!

I part with my money,
And take home my baby.
But will I now use it,
Well perhaps, just maybe.

It's purple you know,
A colour I love,
Can we get on?
Will we fit like a glove?

I cry with despair
Oh, windows 8,
How do you work!
You I'm starting to hate!

Perhaps in a day,
Maybe a week,
I'll get you well trained,
And then you'll be meek.

I'll try and I'll suss,
Which will be quite a plus!
Then some clever young men,
Will upgrade you to ten!

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