Monday, 27 July 2015

A day in the life of a beach

The inky blackness of night gives way to the first glimmer of dawn Sea laps against sandy shore, whispering of the promise of a new day. The sun rises, it's golden tendrils hinting at warmth yet to come. The day feels washed clean. The only witness to this daily miracle is a lone man walking his dog

Mid morning - the sun is high and the air is warm. People swarm, like ants, bringing towels and shelters. Babies feel the cold caress of the ocean on their feet for the first time. Toddlers run and scream, playing in the waves.

Mid day – sandwiches and sausage rolls. Cake and crisps. Energy is needed for more fun and games. Maybe an ice or two, just as a treat.

Early afternoon – Lazy languishing. Magazines and books are read. Children and parents snooze in the afternoon warmth.

Surfers arrive. Paddling out into the blue of the ocean. Like artificial seals, clad in rubber. They catch the waves, feeling the wind against their faces as they hurtle to shore.

Mid afternoon – people begin to leave. Chattering excitedly about their evening plans. Children are tired, some cry, because they want to stay here for ever.

Dusk – lovers walk hand in hand talking about their hopes and plans. Sitting side by side, watching as the sun slips once more towards the sea.

Night – The last golden rays fade. Darkness falls once more. Nobody is there, the beach once more whispers it's secrets. Tomorrow is another day, come and play, come and play!

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