Monday, 6 July 2015


When I was little, the school summer holidays used to stretch out before me, long and exciting.

They seemed to last forever. Each day was filled with fun. Playing outside with my friends, going on bike rides, playing on the swings.

Family holidays also seemed to last a long time, with endless days spent playing on the beach and in the surf.

But as I've got older, things seem to have changed. Days, weeks, months, years seem to rush by.

Its' the start of July, and to me, it doesn't seem many weeks ago that it was last Christmas!

Family holidays pass in a blur. It seems that no sooner have we arrived, that it's time to go home again.

So, does time really speed up? Or are we just so caught up in everything that we need to do each day that it seems that way..

Time is time, a minute has always lasted a minute. No more, no less. Maybe it is our perception of it that changes as we age.

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