Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Cleaning the floor!

I'm cleaning the house.
What should I listen to,
I thoughtfully think.
How about a bit of Pink!

The music makes the housework fly.
I sit and think And then I sigh!
Is that a speck of dust I spy?

Up I get, Oh, have a care.
There's yet more,
Under the sofa,
Over there!

So out it comes,
Oh, my how much fluff!
That really is,
Too much stuff!

Out comes the hoover,
To suck up the grot,
I never knew,
There was such a lot!

I think I'm there,
When under the piano,
I do stare.

There's dirt And there's dust!
Up again, of course I must.
It's a never ending chore,
When you're cleaning the floor!

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