Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The voices

She lay quietly in her bed, waiting, wishing for sleep to come. If only the voices in her head would still themselves. Whispers taunted her, speaking about things that she knew nothing of.

She was so sleepy, wanted peace and quiet so badly. Why me, she thought. Why is this happening to me?

She had heard the voices ever since she was a tiny. They had been her constant companion throughout her life.

As a child, she had learnt to keep their presence to herself, for fear of being thought mad by her parents.

But now that she was older, she understood. She was listening to the voices of the multitude of souls that had left this Earth.

Many had said that she was lucky, that this was a gift. But it was a gift with mixed blessings. Yes, certainly, she never felt alone, there was always someone to talk to, but, oh how sweet it would be to hear only silence.

She laid, watching the hands of the clock tick by yet another hour. She pressed her hands to her ears, although she knew that it would not quieten them, for the voices where within her, not without.

Finally she dozed into a fitful sleep, finally falling into the dark, quiet abyss of slumber. Tomorrow was another day. And as sure as the sun rises, the voices would be waiting for her.

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