Friday, 10 July 2015

Do you believe in mediums?

There are people in this world who claim to be able to talk to those who have died and to pass on their messages to the living to give comfort and hope.

Some people believe in what mediums do, others see them as preying on the vulnerable to get money from them.

I have been to see many mediums in action and I have seen some that are, quite frankly, fishing for clues and snatching at every small piece of information that the living give them and running with it.

I have also seen mediums who give meaningful, exact messages and minute details that they could not have known unless they had researched the person in depth.

Personally, I do believe in mediums, because I am one.

But I would say to anyone that is looking to use one, be very careful, do your homework and make sure that you are choosing a good one.

A local Spiritualist church is a good place to ask for advice on good, local mediums, as they will have seen both the good and the bad.

Choose wisely and you will get a true message, providing that the Spirits are in a talkative mood.

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