Sunday, 5 July 2015


You gave me breath,
You gave me life.
In my darkest hours,
Through trouble and strife.

You mopped my brow,
Wiped my tears.
Comforted me,
Throughout my fears.

You smile,
You care,
You laugh,
Are always there.

When days where dark,
And fear took flight.
Your arms comforted me.
In the darkness of the night.

As I grew,
You supported me,
You gave me joy.
Made me feel free.

You made me think,
You made me learn.
A special, love,
A special link.

And throughout the days
And endless night,
You gave me love.
My ever guiding light.

So today,
And every day,
I say I love you Mum
And hug you tight.

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