Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Atlantis Cards Review

Atlantis Cards by Diana Cooper come as a set of 44 cards. They are designed to  provide insights and inspiration for your life, highlighting strengths and helping you to work with your weaknesses. The pack is priced at around £10.

These cards are more suited to somebody who has been reading cards for a while, as they do not come with an instruction booklet, like many other Oracle cards. Instead, there is a passage written on the reverse of each card, giving an outline of what the card may be indicating for a particular person.

I have read with these cards for many years now and have always found them intuitive and easy to use. There is a diagram included with them, giving suggestions of layouts, from simple 3 card spreads, up to more complicated, multiple card layouts for more advanced readers.

The pictures on the cards are colourful and attractive, but at the same time aren't too cluttered and busy.

They are the perfect size for shuffling and holding, being the same size as a standard playing card.

Overall, these are my favourite cards to work with, and I have a fair few decks. I find them easy to connect to and I have been told that the messages and guidance given through them are accurate.  They may not suit everyone, especially if you are new to giving readings, but if you've had some prior experience, then I can highly recommend them.

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