Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Candy Crush Crazy!

Having watched my family succumb to the addiction that is Candy Crush, a while ago I took the plunge and joined them.

To start with, I really couldn't see the appeal of the game. It was a fairly simple game, matching three candies the same to remove them and joining four in a row to make a stripy candy which will take out a whole row when it meets another two candies of the same colour. Match higher numbers to get wrapped candies, (kaboom) and spotty bombs. Then, match special candies together to get even bigger booms.

Each level has it's own requirements, either clear all of the jelly, bring down the ingredients, timed levels or special orders.

I was playing on my own for a while on my ipad, but then I was encouraged to connect the game to my Facebook account, basically because Mr Serendipity needed help to unlock a new world.

Well, that's where my addiction began. I could see where my Facebook friends had got to in the game, and I wanted to catch them up. Friendly rivalry? You bet!

Having whipped through the first few dozen levels, things suddenly started to get a bit more tricky. Some of the levels just seemed downright impossible! But, hey, my friends had obviously cleared them, so I just kept on plugging away. I could be stuck on some levels for days, but would I give up? Nope!

There is an option in the game to pay real money to buy boosters to make hard levels easier, but somehow, that feels a bit like cheating. Although, there have been times when I've been very tempted!!

There is a daily spin the wheel, where you can 'win' boosters. I try to remember to spin every day and save the boosters to use in levels that I am really stuck on. Although it's rather frustrating to use all of your precious boosters and still fail the level, but hey, that's the way the candies crush.

So, if my friends are getting bored with the notifications asking for help, then I'm afraid it's all your own fault. I mean, if it wasn't for you lot being so good at the game, I wouldn't feel the need to try to catch you up - but I do love you all really.

Whilst I'm typing this, I'm waiting for my lives to refill because I'm stuck again - on level 319. But, I'll get there, I'm chasing you good friends.

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