Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dyrham Park review

Dyrham Park is a manor house, park and gardens near Bath in Gloucestershire.

It is set in 270 acres of parkland which is home to a herd of fallow deer.

The house was originally built by William Blathwayt and the interior of the house has changed little in the last 300 years.

As the weather was so beautiful over the weekend, we decided to visit Dyrham park.

The main car park has plenty of space, so parking isn't a problem.

There is a shuttle bus which runs from the car park to the main house, which is ideal for people who are unable to make the 10-15 minute walk down the hill, or even for the return trip if your feet are rather tired.

We decided to walk down, taking a quiet route through the trees. The deer where feeding in this area, although they kept away from the main path. Part way down Miss Serendipity spotted an antler which had been freshly cast by one of the deer, which made her day. She asked one of the groundskeepers if she could have it and was told that that was fine.

We then visited the house, which is well worth a look around. It includes a fine collection of Dutch art and ceramics.

We than had a picnic lunch, followed by a wander around the formal gardens. Being spring, the bulbs gave a wonderful show. There are ponds, rich with water boatmen and pond skaters and a set of steps which the water cascades down and is a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by for a while.

Through into the orchard, are some bee hives, which we stopped to watch. The bees were very active, collecting the pollen from the multitude of flowers and tree blossom.

After this, we took a slow stroll back up to the car park. As it was Easter, there where many children hunting for the chocolate eggs which had been hidden around the park. They were also thoroughly enjoying running and rolling down the many hills.

Overall, we had a lovely day, and if you are in the area, I would recommend visiting Dyrham Park as a good family day out. There really is something for everyone.

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