Saturday, 25 April 2015

An ode to Pringles



Oh Pringles, how I love you!
your tubes I do view.
Should I have green, or maybe the blue?

I pop you open,
You gorgeous big pack.
I grab a large handful,
Such a big tasty stack.

I eat you all up,
You are very yummy,
But somehow you just never,
Fill up my tummy!

So back for more,
I must go,
Maybe just one, two,
Oh ok, maybe four!

I lick off your flavor,
Oh, How I do savor!
Then, crunch, crunch,
I chew and I munch.

Oh woe, they're all gone!
I shake out the tube.
But, no, there's not a one.

Out I do wander,
In the cupboard to look,
I think there's more tubes?
No, I must be mistook!

No, there are no more!
I've eaten the lot.
Down the shop I will wander
And more will be got.


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