Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fighting for escape

She ran, her bare feet pattering on the lino floor of the hospital corridor. Her thin cotton hospital gown flapping against her chilled skin.

The door, her means of escape drew closer. Her breath came in ragged gasps, as she finally reached her goal.

She could see the outside world, the sun, the trees, the freedom.

She tugged on the handle, but the door was locked. She screamed, the sound rising within her like a tide of rage!

She beat on the door, over and over. Her hands bruised and bleeding.

Finally she admitted defeat, she turned, another long corridor stretched before her.

This one was lined with doors. She ran to the first door, shook the handle. It too was locked.

She was sure that the secret to her escape was hidden within the room. Frustration and rage grew once more.

She tried another door, and another, all locked. She ran on, finally reaching a dead end.

She sank to the floor, head in hands, heaving sobs wracking her body. She would never escape from this madness..............

The medical orderly entered the room. She was sleeping. At least she was free of the tormented thoughts that plagued her waking hours.

In the bed she lay, her body paralyzed by the drugs, but inside, her mind was clamoring for escape - running, seeking a way out of this madness. Night after night, year after year! When would this nightmare ever end.


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