Ah, this was the life. I had both the sofa and the house to myself.

I stretched out, sipping the last of my glass of wine. Just a few minutes more and I would get ready for bed.

I lay, watching the fish swimming in the tank, smiling at their antics. My eyes grew heavy and I began to doze into sleep.

As I watched, one of the fish swam out through the glass of the tank and lazily swam towards me. I blinked.

That can't be right - fish can't swim through glass, and they certainly can't swim without water!

One by one, the other fish swam out and drifted around the room.

Hang on, I thought, I'm dreaming! Maybe I can swim with the fish.

So off of the sofa I swam, joining the fish.

Oh I felt so free. I wonder if I can swim upstairs.

Yes! Up I swam, my finny friends joining me as I went. I thoroughly enjoyed my swim around the house.

With a jolt, my eyes opened. I was back on the sofa. I rubbed my bleary eyes and stared at the tank.

All of the fish were present and accounted for in their tank.

I yawned, stretched and headed for bed.