In these days of credit cards and loans, it is all too easy to spend more than we can afford.

We also live in a time when having the latest phone, or another pair of shoes seems to feel more and more important.

But do we really need to buy these things? Will they really make us happier in the long term?

When money is tight, we should think before each and every purchase. Do we need this item or do we just want it.

Often, if we hold back on a purchase for just a few days, we can find that the 'need' to buy it just goes away.

Need and want are two very different things.

Do you really need that pair of shoes? Do you really need the latest phone when the old one works just fine?

The trick to saving money starts with not spending on things that are unnecessary.

It is simple, but something that often gets overlooked. Buy through need and not through want and your savings will grow.