Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What is Love?

 It sounds like such an easy question to answer, doesn't it. Or is it.

Does the word love mean the same to everybody?

We say that we love to eat chips. But is that the same feeling as the love that we feel for our children? No, it's quite a different meaning of the word love.

And if something annoys us, we sometimes say 'Don't you just love that!' Meaning that we don't love it at all.

So it would seem that the word loves means many different things.

But there is one certain thing. Without love, our lives would be much less fulfilling.

So whether it's the love of food, the love of our families, our pets or the love of the world around us, love is something that we should celebrate and enjoy.

Never be afraid to love, never be afraid to live.

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