Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What are you going to do today?

What do you going to do today?

Do you intend to tick something off of your to do list, or is it your intent to spend the day doing as little as possible?

Do you intend to play, or to work, or maybe a mix of the two.

Whatever you intend to do today, make it count.

If you do nothing, then you will achieve nothing, learn nothing, will not grow.

But if you fill your day with wonder, learning and enjoyment it will be a positive day that you can look back on with satisfaction.

So commit to doing something special today.

It may be something small, or it could be a life changing decision.

Once this day is done, it is gone forever and cannot be changed, so make it the best that you can.

Whatever you choose, make it count, make today count.

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