Saturday, 11 June 2016


There are times when our lives become overwhelming.

There just seems to be so much to do that we don't know where start.

We feel stressed and anxious and feel that we will never come out of the other side of this confusing, overwhelming place that we have found ourselves in.

At times like these we should take a step back, take a deep breath and allow ourselves to calm down, because whilst we are feeling overwhelmed, it is almost impossible to think clearly and objectively.

Once we feel calmer, we should look at what we have to do. Do we have to do it all?

The answer is usually no. Over time, our lives become cluttered by habits and actions that we have accumulated over the years.

Often they are of little or no use to us at the present time, but we just go on doing them, because we always have.

Now, when we are so overwhelmed is a good time to let go of these habits, to clear the way forward for what is important right now.

Once we have de-cluttered and feel clearer, we can see what is important, what really needs to be done.

We can prioritise clearly without all of the clutter getting in our way.

And now, with a clearer mind and life, we will feel lighter, more in control, ready to take on the world once more.

So what are you waiting for? Prioritise, de-clutter and take back control.

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