Friday, 3 June 2016

It's great to be so curvy!

It's great to be so curvy,
Having ample boobs up top!
When walking down the street,
It makes the guys all stop!

It is so very funny,
When they walk into a post,
It makes me smile and giggle,
It's the thing I like the most!

I love my pair of girlies,
To them I am attached,
Their ample size and shape,
Are rarely nearby matched.

And then there is the cleavage,
It has a lot of front!
It fills the dresses nicely,
If I may be rather blunt!

There's lots of pretty undies,
Of many patterns and hues,
I like to take my time,
When some new ones I can choose.

But I don't feel quite so brave,
When swimwear time comes nigh,
Cos, my belly's a bit wobbly,
Not a bikini, I often sigh!

The one downside of boobs,
Is when running for the bus!
A good supporting sports bra,
At these times is a plus.

I thank my stars I have them,
Without them I'd be flat,
Nothing to fill out my clothes,
I wouldn't much like that!

But there's one thing I miss,
Oh it would be such a treat,
Because since I was twelve,
I haven't seen my feet!

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