Thursday, 16 June 2016

Where have they gone?

I went for a walk,
Out and about,
Usually I see lots of people,
But today I saw nought!

Not even a dog walker,
Having a wander,
Walking across hills,
Over there, yonder!

Where did they go,
Holidays in the sun?
Laying on beaches,
Having some fun?

Maybe at a BBQ,
Chatting with a mate,
Laughing and joking,
From morning til late.

But no, there's no smoke,
No BBQ smell!
It cannot be that,
Maybe all is not well.

Maybe they've all been transported,
To a far away land,
And it's just me that's left!
That wouldn't be grand.

I open the windows,
To get through some air,
Was that a shout?
Is there a human out there?

Ah now it is clear,
They are not out to roam,
Because they're all watching football,
Comfy at home!

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