Tuesday, 28 June 2016

No regrets

I have two gorgeous daughters,
Both need a lot of care!
I do it all quite gladly,
I feel it's only fair.

There's physio and injections,
They're needed every day,
To keep them fit and healthy,
So they can run around and play.

Some days are spent at hospital,
Some days are spent at home,
But I still love my babies,
Wherever we do roam.

Well, they are not quite babies,
In fact they are all grown,
But they still need their Mummy,
So it's hard to be alone.

Some days I feel so tired,
I need a little rest,
It's right that I should take some,
So I will be at my best.

But no matter what needs doing,
However hard it does get,
I love my darling daughters,
And have not one regret.

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