Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sweet dreams

Alison rolled over and brought her hand down with a whack to silence the shrieking alarm clock. She laid, looking at the ceiling, gathering her thoughts for the day ahead.

It wasn't going to be easy. It was this day a year ago that her Mother had passed away. Thoughts flitted through her head. She smiled, thinking of her childhood, of how Mum was always there with a smile and a hug.

The days were filled with chatter and laughter, right up until bedtime, when Mum would tuck her in, kiss her on the forehead and say 'sweet dreams'.

Alison threw back the duvet and slowly headed downstairs. Luckily it was going to be manic at work, so she wouldn't have too much time to dwell.

She busied herself in the kitchen, brewing coffee and making toast, running through her plans for the day before dressing and heading out.

The traffic was heavy and by the time that she had reached work, her head was already pounding – great, it had to be today of all days!

She reached her desk and began to tackle the pile of work on her desk.

The day passed in a whirlwind. That was the good thing about busy days like this, at least the time went quickly and before she knew it, home time had arrived.

The traffic was quieter now. She drove home, her mind once again thinking about Mum. She was so young! It just wasn't fair. She should still be here, asking her how her day had gone, enjoying a chat.

Alison opened the door, flung her bag onto the sofa and went into the kitchen to pour herself a large glass of wine. Boy, she really needed a drink.

She checked her phone for messages.............nothing. She put her phone onto the table and sank, exhausted onto the sofa.

She sipped her wine, feeling it warming and relaxing her. She began to feel sleepy, her eyelids became heavy, she dozed off into a light sleep.

A sound filtered into her mind, a tapping sound. She woke with a start, looking around the room, trying to place the sound.

She looked at her phone, still sat on the table! Yes, that's where it's coming from. She snatched up the phone and swiped the screen.

Her eyes opened wide as she read the words that had appeared! 'Sweet dreams'

She stared at the screen, at those two magical words and a smile formed on her lips.

Thanks Mum, she murmured. I think I just might have sweet dreams tonight for the first time in a year.

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