Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The dawn

The day awakes. The misty light of dawn reaching it's warm tendrils into the still morning air.

The water shines, motionless. Not the slightest ripple breaks its glassy surface, reflecting the trees which reach down to meet it.

I walk in the growing light, the world slowly yawning and stretching around me.

A heron stands, like a grey, feathered statue beside the water. It watches intently for movement, for fins to break the surface.

It darts forward, spear like beak lancing the water. The fish, small and silvery wriggles and gleams.

One swallow and it is gone. Did it know that this was it's last day of life? The heron resumes it's vigil.

A bark! I look across the water and my eyes meet with the cool gaze of a magnificent fox. Her coat glows like fire in the early morning sunshine.

She sits and watches proudly as her four cubs gambol and roll on the grass. Barks and squeals break the silence.

I stand and watch, entranced by their antics as the mother watches me regally.

I walk on, the sound of birds begins to fill the air. They call and swoop, taunting each other in a tumult of sound.

A movement! I look. A roe deer and her baby are grazing. They look up, nervous as I stop.

They feed for a few moments longer, and with a backwards glance at me disappear into the trees like ghosts.

I turn towards home. I can hear traffic now. The morning rush hour is starting. The metal beasts roar as they take their inhabitants about their daily activities.

Early morning joggers, earphones in place, run past me shattering my solitude.

I walk on, almost home now and hear a patter of paws. A small brown bundle of fur launches itself at me.

I laugh and greet my friend. A pat and stroke, a conversation with his master.

Home now. I kick off my shoes and make a warming cup of tea.

I sit, cradling my cup. Yes, I enjoy my morning walks, greeting the new day and seeing the wonder of nature.

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