Monday, 13 June 2016

Admit your mistakes

We all make mistakes. Sometimes small, inconsequential  ones, sometimes monumental ones!

But it is how we react to these mistakes that matters.

Mistakes are a gateway to learning. Without them we would never learn and grow.

Some people will blame their mistakes on others and run away from them. But this can hurt those around you, causing them to turn away or resent you.

Blaming others may seem to be an easy way out, but it accomplishes nothing, as we cannot learn if we do not accept our mistakes.

Mistakes will always have consequences and dealing with these will be a source of learning, of bettering ourselves.

Dealing with and admitting our mistakes will not only makes us stronger, but can also gain the respect of those around us.

By admitting to our mistakes and taking responsibility for them, we are allowing ourselves to improve, to find better ways of doing things.

Admit to your mistakes, take responsibility, grow, learn and become stronger.

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