Thursday, 14 January 2016

Getting older

We all dread getting older and the burdens that it could bring, both to ourselves and our loved ones.

It is true that as we get older, we could become less able physically and mentally, but getting older also has it's bonuses.

As we go through our lives, we pick up a wealth of knowledge which we can then pass onto the younger generations.

We have been there, seen it, worked out the best way forward.

We may have far more free time than we used to have. Now that we are older, this is our time.

Hopefully our children are grown up and independent from us, leaving us free to pursue hobbies which we didn't have time for before.

Once we have retired our days are free to fill as we please - we could continue to work if we wished, or travel to places that we have dreamed of, or just catch up on all of those books that we never had time to get around to.

Getting older shouldn't be seen as something to be feared. It should be looked forward to as our time. A time to do with as we please.

Embrace each passing day, see each birthday as a blessing rather than a curse.

Enjoy the opportunities that getting older brings, enjoy yourself.

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