Thursday, 7 January 2016

Knowledge is key

Sometimes although we are working hard and are doing the best that we can, things just don't seem to go as well as we would like.

It is frustrating to put in so much work and have so little return.

At times like this, it pays to examine what we are doing. Is there something fundamental and simple that we are not doing.

Knowledge really is the key. It is very easy to keep going in the way that we always have, assuming that we really know what we are doing.

Often asking somebody else who is doing something similar or doing a little research will give us the key to improving things.

Take myself for example, I had been doing something the same way for over a year, and didn't feel like I was getting anywhere at all.

After asking people what I was missing or doing wrong, I was given a very simple reason, which I put right, and now things are starting to improve.

Never assume that you know everything there is to know. Ask, research, learn, grow.

Knowledge is power, use it and succeed.

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