Saturday, 2 January 2016

The shower head and the hornet

I'm having a break,
I've been running about.
When from the shower,
There comes a loud shout!

The shower head is leaking,
Like a hornet its sounding,
We've had it a while,
Its taken a pounding!

I look for the key,
To take it apart,
But its hiding away,
Oh please have a heart!

So to pliers we turn,
To prize it open,
Will it work,
We try, we are hoping!

Yes, its now in bits,
It needs a good clean!
I scrub it so hard,
And now it does gleam!

I pick up the bits,
To make it a whole,
But, oh woe,
Though I coax and cajole.

It won't go back,
I'm getting quite peeved!
I do not think,
A fix will be achieved!

So after a while,
I search on the net,
For a shiny new head,
That will be the best bet!

So now I wait for my parcel,
Look forward with glee,
A quiet new shower,
Will be waiting for me.

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