Monday, 25 January 2016

How do I do that!

Sometimes, we daydream, we think about what we would like to do, how things could be different and better.

But most of the time, we think that there is no way that we can easily  realise these dreams, so we just let them go.

But what if, instead of dropping them, we think to ourselves 'how do I do that!'

Sometimes we have to accept that the exact thing that we daydream about is very unlikely to happen.

But what if we tried, we followed that daydream to see where it would lead us.

There are always going to be obstacles strewn in our way, there will always be difficulties to be overcome.

But if we try hard, follow those dreams, we will come closer and closer to making them reality.

Even simple steps will help us to make it more possible.

As a simple example, maybe you fantasise about winning the lottery, but in order to win, you first have to buy a ticket.

By buying a ticket, you are taking a small step to keeping that daydream alive.

Without taking small and tangible steps towards our dreams, they will always be just that - dreams.

So keep them alive, take those small steps towards making them a reality. Strive, work, live and one day, you may well make those dreams a real.

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