Saturday, 16 January 2016

Tidying the garden

Its freezing out here,
There's frost on the ground,
But mess and mayhem,
Around us abound.

It needs a good tidy,
A rake and a clean,
We'll prune back the trees,
Although it makes us feel mean.

I won some trees,
A while ago,
We must make space,
So that they can grow.

The hard work,
Will keep us quite hot,
Slowly, oh slowly,
We tidy our plot.

Time for a rest,
A nice cup of tea,
T'will warm up our fingers,
As we halt from our spree!

We plant the new trees,
In the dark and cold earth,
They will soon grow some apples,
Give us something of worth.

Our job here is done,
Hooray and a hip.
Oh, but there's just one thing left,
A trip to the tip!

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