Saturday, 9 January 2016

Help, for goodness sake

How often do you do a good deed for no other reason other than because you can?

When doing something for somebody else, some people's thoughts turn to thinking about what is in it for them. What benefit do they get. Maybe a favour in return? Maybe just because it makes them look good?

But the best reason for doing a good deed is because you can. Not because you will get something in return in the future. Not because it will make you look good.

But simply because it gives you a warm feeling inside to help a fellow man, just because its the right thing to do.

How many times do you pass somebody struggling. Trying to deal with a toddler while trying to get a pushchair on the bus. How many times do you see someone battling to open a door without a free hand.

These are simple things, other things may need more action and thought.

To many, these simple acts of goodness are natural, something that we do without thinking. To others, it just doesn't cross their mind.

So if you see someone who needs help, please offer it. Sometimes they may politely (or impolitely) refuse, but mostly they will welcome your help.

So offer that help, for goodness sake. You may be the goodness that rekindles a stranger's trust in their fellow man. You may the person that brings a shining light into the darkness of somebody's night.

Be good, be kind, for goodness sake.

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